David Louis Edelman
'MultiReal' trade paperback cover

Historical Timeline

The chronicling of modern history began with Sheldon Surina’s publication of Towards the Science of Bio/Logics and the New Direction for Humanity. Surina started the Reawakening, which ended the period of the Big Divide that began with the Autonomous Revolt. The publication of Surina’s paper is considered to be the Zero Year of the Reawakening (YOR).


Development of the precursors of the Data Sea on hardware-based machine networks.

The last pan-European collective alliance falls apart. The nation-states of Europe never again gain prominence on the world stage.

Scientists make major advances in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology becomes commonplace for exterminating disease and regulating many bodily systems.

Establishment of the first permanent city on Luna.

The Autonomous Revolt

Yu is sabotaged and destroyed by the Autonomous Minds. Beginning of the Autonomous Revolt.

End of the Autonomous Revolt. Much of the civilized world lies in ruins.

The Big Divide

The Big Divide begins. A time of chaos and distrust of technology.

The Ecumenical Council of New Alamo, seeking to establish order in a time of hunger and chaos, orders mass executions of its citizenry.

Birth of Sheldon Surina.

The Reawakening

0 Sheldon Surina publishes his first manifesto on the science of bio/logics. The Reawakening begins.
10 Final dissolution of the New Alamo Ecumenical Council.
25 Henry Osterman founds the Osterman Company for Human Re-Engineering (OCHRE).
37 The president of West Texas is assassinated. The new president exonerates Sheldon Surina and calls off the manhunt for him. It is still many years before Surina can appear in public without intense security.
52 Dr. Plugenpatch is incorporated as a private enterprise. Henry Osterman and Sheldon Surina are among those on its original board.
61 The Third Jesus leads a splinter group of radical Pharisees in building a new orbital colony (the first since the destruction of Yu). Though initially promising, 49th Heaven collapses within a generation. It reemerges to prominence a hundred years later as a sybaritic resort.
70s–90s Inspired by the apparent success of 49th Heaven, a rash of orbital colonies are funded and colonized. Space mania brings new funding and energy to ongoing efforts to colonize Mars.
103 Major national and corporate interests join together with the vestiges of ancient nation-states to form the Prime Committee. The Committee is mainly seen as a bureaucratic organization whose task is to ensure public order and prevent another Autonomous Revolt.
108 Creed Objectivv is founded by a reclusive mystic figure known as the Bodhisattva.
113 OCHRE becomes a target of the Prime Committee, which seeks to end the company’s stranglehold on nanotechnology.
116 Death of Sheldon Surina. To honor his memory, Surina’s successors build the compound at Andra Pradesh and found Creed Surina.
122 Prengal Surina publishes his universal law of physics.
143 High Executive Toradicus begins a campaign to bring the L-PRACGs under Defense and Wellness Council control. He enlists Prengal Surina to lobby the L-PRACGs to construct a joint governmental framework with the Prime Committee. The Congress of L-PRACGs is founded.
150s Teams working under Prengal Surina make startling advances in the control of gravity using maxims from the universal law of physics. Key members of these teams (including Prengal Surina) become the first board members of GravCo.
160s The business of multi technology booms. By decade’s end, most connectibles live within an hour of a multi facility.
168 Death of the first bodhisattva of Creed Objectivv.
185 Death of Prengal Surina.
200 The bio/logics industry attempts to pack the Prime Committee with its appointees and paid lobbyists. Par Padron pushes through a resolution declaring that the people (via the Congress of L-PRACGs) will always hold the majority of seats on the Committee.
220s–230s A time of great economic and cultural stability worldwide, dubbed afterwards as the Golden Age. A resurgence in creedism results in the formation of the Creeds Coalition.
250s Almost all infants outside of the Pharisee and Islander territories are born and raised in hives. Life expectancies rise dramatically.
270 The first fiefcorp is established, and rules governing its structure are encoded by the Meme Cooperative. Most people see fiefcorps as a boon to society, helping the underprivileged gain skills and putting them on a track to social empowerment.
290s–300s The Great Boom, a time of economic prosperity, is ushered in, fed by the new fiefcorp sector and the promise of teleportation technology.
301 Birth of Margaret Surina.
313 Marcus Surina dies in a shuttle accident in the orbital colonies.
318 Rioting in Melbourne threatens the Prime Committee, but is put down by High Executive Borda.
331 Birth of Natch.
339 Margaret Surina founds the Surina Perfection Memecorp, and the drudges begin to whisper about a mysterious “Phoenix Project.”
359 Present Day.