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Writing News: January 2018

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MultiReal and the re-release of Infoquake both hit the shelves this past month, and they hit with a very cyberpunky bang. (If you want to know what a cyberpunky bang sounds like, go watch Tron again.) I’ve been going nuts trying to promote these things, doing interviews, sending out review copies, spray-painting graffiti on the sides of buildings (“Natch lives!”), etc. Here’s a summary of all the promotiony goodness that’s been happening.

Lookit, I Got Me Some More Reviews.

Lots of third parties have had lots of good things to say about MultiReal, and I didn’t even have to pay them anything. To wit:

  • Paul di Filippo, SCI FI Weekly: “(Grade: A) [Edelman] brings all the intellectual firepower and verisimilitude of the digerati like Sterling, Stross and Doctorow to his text… Once you realize that Natch is less Neo than he is Steve Jobs, you’re in for a swell ride.”
  • SFFWorld: “MultiReal is on par with the previous volume for Edelman’s ability to change the game a bit and still maintain what made Infoquake such a great novel… David Louis Edelman has crafted another winner with MultiReal.”
  • SFRevu: “Cyberpunk after it grew up and graduated from business school… This is modern-day science fiction the way it ought to be written. Very highly recommended.”
  • POD People: “(Rating: 10 out of 10) MultiReal is a deep book, full of plots and counter-plots, with a stunning vision of the future… This is high science fiction at its finest.”

Audio Interviews.

Jon Stewart still isn’t returning my calls, but in the meantime I’ve done a host of interviews during the past few weeks. Here are the ones you can listen to on audio:

  • Hour of the Wolf: Jim Freund of the New York City science fiction radio program on WBAI interviewed me for almost two hours, during which we discussed the publishing process, Infoquake, and the differences between science fiction and fantasy (among other things). I also read my story “Mathralon” in its entirety.
  • Jon Armstrong Interview: Fellow John W. Campbell Award nominee Jon Armstrong interviewed me on his “In Case You’re Just Joining Us” podcast, during which we discussed my pantheon of superheroes, the death of the novel, how 9/11 changed Infoquake, and foreign toilets (among other things).
  • I Should Be Writing: This writing podcast teamed up with Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing to offer a Keys to Publishing Contest. I contributed a three-minute piece on the importance of commitment to your writing.

Plain Ol’ Text Interviews.

If you want to be boring and just read interviews with me, take a gander at these:

  • SFFWorld: Rob Bedford of SFFWorld chats with me about MultiReal, the character of Jara, and the pressures of publishing.
  • SCI FI Wire: A brief interview for the SciFi Channel’s news wire service by noted anthologist John Joseph Adams.
  • SFNovelists.com: The SFNovelists.com interview, published by several members of the SFNovelists community. (This link leads to the interview hosted on Simon Haynes’ blog.)
  • LibraryThing: An interactive forum with the members of the LibraryThing social networking/book cataloging website.

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dave.

This week, from Wednesday August 6 to Sunday August 10, I’ll be in Denver, CO at the Worldcon science fiction convention. For all those who plan to be there, here’s my schedule. Come up and say hello!

  • Reading Tolkien in the Early Years (Wednesday, 11:30 am)
  • Why Didn’t SF Predict the Internet? (Thursday, 10 am)
  • Reading from Infoquake and MultiReal (Thursday, 1 pm)
  • Rising Stars Reception (Thursday, 2:30pm – 5 pm)
  • Emerging Technologies: The Top Ten Jobs of 2050 Don’t Exist Today (Friday, 4 pm)
  • Pyr Books Presentation (Friday, 5:30 pm)
  • Hugo Reception and Ceremony (Friday, 5:30 pm – 8 pm)
  • Signing (Sunday, 11:30 am)

MultiReal Launch Party.

Thanks to all who showed up to the MultiReal launch party in Washington, DC on July 16th! We had quite a packed house, including a number of local writers and folks from the DC legal community. Copies of MultiReal and Infoquake were on hand for sale, there was lots of sushi to go around, and plenty of alcohol was imbibed by the alcoholically inclined.

Unfortunately, Annie Leibowitz was otherwise engaged that evening, so the planned cover shoot for Vanity Fair is a no go. But you can still catch a glimpse of the festivities from the hastily snapped snapshots on my Flickr feed, even if they do make it look like there were only ten people who showed up.

Upcoming Appearances.

  • August 6-10 — WorldCon/Denvention, Denver, CO
  • September 11 — Politics & Prose SF Group, Washington, DC
  • September 14 — Family Hearth Writing Group on AOL
  • September 17 — Reading at Barnes & Noble, Reston, VA
  • October 15 — Meet the Skies Book Club, Camp Hill, PA
  • October 17-19 — Capclave, Silver Spring, MD

Whew! Lots and lots of good stuff. Now it’s time for me to go pack for my trip to Denver.

Towards Perfection,
David Louis Edelman

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