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Writing News: January 2018

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No, I haven’t forgotten about this newsletter, or my blog for that matter. Instead I’ve been as sick. Not quite showering-the-room-with-globs-of-intestine-like-John-Hurt-in-Alien sick, but more like coughing-so-hard-I-can’t-do-anything-but-watch-reruns-of-Seinfeld sick. Thankfully, after three rounds of antibiotics and five doctor visits, I seem to be on the mend. Quick, pity me before I get better.

But the Jump 225 publicity machine is so well-oiled and lubricated by now that there’s still news to report even when I’m not in any shape to generate it myself. (Not only that, but all of the mucus clogging up my head has kept the ideas from leaking out, and as a result I’ve had an extra-productive few weeks of writing on Geosynchron.)

Here’s the latest.

Reading Tonight in Northern Virginia.

What better way to celebrate my convalescence than with a reading? The Barnes & Noble in the Spectrum Center in Reston, Virginia will be hosting lil’ ol’ me tonight, Wednesday, September 17 at 7:00 pm. I’ll be reading from and signing copies of MultiReal. Come on by and see me! The store is at 1851 Fountain Drive, Reston, VA 20190, phone number 703-437-9490.

Latest Review Roundup.

The excellent reviews for MultiReal keep on a-comin’. To be honest, I expected more dissenting opinions on the book. But so far, almost all of the reviews I’ve read say it’s better than Infoquake. Here are the latest from the past few weeks:

  • io9: “I’m in it for the long haul, because it feels like Edelman is writing about real people and real issues, in a thrilling, engaging way. And that’s rarer than it should be.”
  • Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist: “This is one sequel that delivers! No middle book syndrome for David Louis Edelman… The Jump 225 trilogy remains one of the very best ongoing science fiction series on the market.”
  • Bookgasm: “Infoquake‘s strengths have carried over to its sequel… With Infoquake and MultiReal, [Edelman]’s got new archetypes aplenty, and he doesn’t need old tropes to slow him down.”
  • Chicago Center for Literature and Photography: “(Rating: 8.8 out of 10) This is a series that genre fans will definitely want to check out, and an individual chapter here that could very well garner a Hugo nomination next year.”
  • Through a Glass, Darkly: “Even for a reader who loves laser battles and big explosions, MultiReal still comes across as extremely satisfying and fun.”
  • Death Ray Magazine (not online): “A mix of cyberpunk and The Wall Street Journal… Where Edelman does excel, and the true focus of the book, is exploring the economics and political powers behind new technologies, their development and routes to market and the social and moral implications of such advancements.”

MultiReal: The First Drafts.

As I did with Infoquake, I’ve gone ahead and posted several of the first drafts from the opening chapters of MultiReal on the book’s website. I counted no fewer than 35 distinct drafts of that first chapter (many of which were simply variations on half a dozen different approaches). I’m not masochistic enough to post all 35 drafts, but I did post nine representative samples, along with copious footnotes and annotation. Go check ’em out.

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist Interview.

One of the longer written interviews I’ve done was the recent interview I did with Patrick St-Denis of the venerable Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist website. Subjects covered include Infoquake, MultiReal, Lou Anders and Pyr, my strengths as a storyteller, the John W. Campbell Award, cover art, websites and interactivity with readers, the trend of high-quality British SF, and whether SF will ever get proper literary recognition by snooty academics cowering up in their white towers.

Upcoming Appearances.

  • September 17 — Reading at Barnes & Noble, Reston, VA
  • October 15 — Meet the Skies Book Club, Barnes & Noble, Camp Hill, PA
  • October 17-19 — Capclave, Silver Spring, MD

Hopefully there will be another edition of book news to come before the twins arrive in early November and I am no longer capable of speaking intelligently about anything but brands of diapers. (And no, for the last time, we will not be naming them Trig and Bristol, and that’s final.)

Towards Perfection,
David Louis Edelman

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