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Writing News: January 2018

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2008 is over, which means that according to my internal circadian rhythms, I will now be returning to my cocoon and not publishing much of anything for a year. You know, fields have to lie fallow and all that. But don’t worry! I’ll be back in 2010 with Geosynchron, the last book of the Jump 225 trilogy. I encourage you not to purchase any expensive socks in the next 12 to 16 months, because I fully expect them to be blown the heck off by the way I finish this sucker.

The biggest news of the year for me, of course, was the birth of my twins, Abigail and Benjamin. They’re the reason I’ve got such a huge grin on my face most of the time these days. They’re also the reason my blogging output has dropped to near zilch.

But there’s been quite a bit of news since my last email newsletter, four months ago, way back when Joe the Plumber was just a plumber and banks used to stockpile that stuff… what did we used to call it? Oh yeah, “money”! Remember money? Anyway, here’s the latest.

Best of the Year Accolades.

The mega-science fiction site io9 just named MultiReal one of its Best Science Fiction Books of 2008, alongside tomes by Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow, and Iain Banks (not to mention my buddy Tobias Buckell). They called it “a welcome cure to the Fringe/Eleventh Hour science-bashing” in their review, which I’ll take as a compliment, not knowing what either of those things are.


Video and Print Interviews.

I’m very pleased to finally have some video on the “Audio & Video” pages on my book websites. The Arlington, VA-based cable science fiction TV show Fast Forward conducted a 19-minute interview with me, which you can watch on Google Video on my blog. Topics covered include MultiReal, technological paradigm shifts, the difficulty of writing the middle book in a trilogy, ethical systems in a post-religious world, and how the Jump 225 trilogy is all about trying to find balance.

Also in the past month, Post-Weird Thoughts conducted an online interview with me about the influence of Dune, my favorite novels, and Geosynchron.

MultiReal Review Roundup.

Here are the latest MultiReal reviews from the past few months:

  • Futurismic: “Overall, the book is an entertaining read that explores some startling implications of biological programming, and sets the scene nicely for volume three.”
  • Ray Gun Revival (PDF): “Anyone who enjoys watching a rising new star develop will be rewarded. If you want to see the future of where the SF novel is going, pick up this series.”
  • SFSite: “David Louis Edelman remains an interesting writer, and he can do breathless action very well indeed when he wants.” (This is actually not a particularly positive review, but interesting reading nonetheless.)
  • Fast Forward TV: “If you have read the first volume, you will want to get MultiReal today and continue the exploration of this dark, complex and fascinating work.”
  • Erik Beck: “MultiReal not only passes the all important Hunt [for Red October] test, but also passes the main tests for any work of genre fiction.”

Infoquake Review Roundup.

Thanks to the new Solaris mass market edition, reviews for Infoquake keep popping up here and there as well:

  • NextRead: “Infoquake shows how a good sci-fi story can, and should, be. It shows the effect of technology on humanity and focuses on the humanity rather than the technology.”
  • Ray Gun Revival (PDF): “As a debut novel, Edelman has done some good work here… it does provide an interesting take on where the SF of the ’30s is going… We can definitely expect to see more from Mr. Edelman.”
  • Death Ray Magazine (not online): “Edelman casts the necessary deep hooks with effortless style… Edelman’s sequel simply can’t get here fast enough.”
  • Faction Paradox: “Pardon my language but F— ME SIDEWAYS WHAT A BOOK!… This is one of the most gripping, and utterly convincing things I’ve read in a long time.”
  • Not Free SF Reader: “Infoquake is something like the bastard child of the [Charles] Stross Mancx family and the [Piers] Anthony Tyrant, that grew up on a steady diet of old 2000 AD.”

Upcoming Appearances.

  • None scheduled yet for 2009.

A final thought to leave you with: if I see one more restaurant include an “Obamalet” on their breakfast menu, I’m gonna totally lose it.

Towards Perfection,
David Louis Edelman

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