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Writing News: January 2018

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It has been a long, lonely year. Wondered why you had that certain… empty feeling in 2009? No, it’s not because you were unemployed, homeless, saddled with runaway credit card debt, huddled around trash fires to keep warm and surrounded by religious lunatics who are trying to blow you up. Ha ha! Silly you. No, you just missed reading my newsletters about the Jump 225 trilogy.

Never fear. Geosynchron is finally done. When the book arrives in stores on February 23, 2010, the Jump 225 trilogy will be complete, and you will have three entire volumes of science fictiony goodness to read, savor and cogitate about, or to burn for fuel, as your circumstances dictate. Until then, here’s the news:

The Geosynchron Website Is Up.

Go on, take a gander at the new Geosynchron website. Not only will you find a spiffy design to match the other two websites (featuring that splendid Stephan Martiniere cover art), but you’ll find chapters 1-8 of the book in their entirety, an updated glossary of terms, three new appendices (“On the Islanders,” “On the Pharisees” and “On the Autonomous Revolt”), the Afterword to the trilogy and a still-mostly-empty reviews page. Speaking of which…

The First Geosynchron Reviews Are In.

I’ve seen three reviews for the book so far, and at this point I’m 3-for-3. (Don’t expect that ratio to hold.) There should be more reviews around and immediately following the book’s publication date.

  • Publishers Weekly calls Geosynchron “a gritty, tech-heavy thriller that builds on cyberpunk tropes in interesting and detailed new ways,” and says “Edelman does manage to bring his disparate threads together to create a coherent and even cohesive conclusion that’s most accessible and satisfying to those who have read the earlier books.”
  • Fantasy Book Critic reviewer Liviu Suciu says in a GoodReads review that “the whole Jump 225 series is probably the best that mundane SF has to offer.” (Liviu tells Pyr that an official Fantasy Book Critic review is forthcoming.)
  • Amazon #1 Customer Book Reviewer Harriet Klausner calls the book “a sort of cyberpunk modernizing of WarGames” and “a great finish to a terrific technological science fiction thriller.” (Okay, I know, it’s Harriet Klausner, which means it’s about as trustworthy as a bank executive. But hey, I like being compared to WarGames.)

More Infoquake Reviews.

Guess I’ll take it as a good sign that bloggers are still publishing in-depth reviews of Infoquake almost four years after its initial publication date. Three recent laudatory blog reviews I’m particularly pleased about:

  • SFReviews.net says “Some writers have tried, but few have done as well as Edelman in asking the basic question of what kind of people would be produced by a world where tech and the body were one.”
  • Cybermage says in a nice (if somewhat incoherent) review that “David’s experience in the business shows.”
  • Tech.Inspire calls Infoquake “one of the best sci-fi, computer based novels I have ever read.”

Upcoming Appearances.

That’s all the news for the moment. Stay tuned for planned giveaways of the entire Jump 225 trilogy on my blog and elsewhere.

Towards Perfection,
David Louis Edelman

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