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  1. Adventures in Sci-Fi Interviewing  • 
    Two new bits of book promotion: a 30-minute audio interview with me by Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, and my answers to reader questions on "Stargate" writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi's blog.
  2. DLE Mania on io9, Joseph Mallozzi’s Blog and SF Signal’s Mind Meld  • 
    The science fiction megasite io9 has just published an interview with me about "MultiReal," Stargate writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi is hosting a discussion on his blog about "Infoquake," and I've just contributed a few paragraphs to SF Signal's Mind Meld about my literary influences.
  3. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist Interview  • 
    Patrick St-Denis has just posted an interview with me on his popular Pat's Fantasy Hotlist blog. Subjects covered include "Infoquake," "MultiReal," Lou Anders and Pyr, my strengths as a storyteller, the John W. Campbell Award, cover art, websites and interactivity with readers, the trend of high-quality British SF, and whether SF will ever get proper literary recognition by snooty academics cowering up in their white towers.
  4. J.D. Landis Interview: Jactations of a Former Diaskeust  • 
    J.D. Landis spent twenty-four years in the heart of the publishing world as an editor at New York publishing house William Morrow & Company. Now, four years after his retirement from Morrow, Landis has produced the stunning, if opaque, literary gem, "Lying in Bed."
  5. Michael Chabon Interview  • 
    A transcript of an interview with Michael Chabon hosted on America Online in July of 1995 and sponsored by Critics' Choice.
  6. J.D. Landis Full Interview Transcript  • 
    A (somewhat) complete transcript of the interview conducted with J.D. Landis for his novel "Lying in Bed."
  7. Stephen Hunter Interview: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted  • 
    An interview with Stephen Hunter, film critic for the Baltimore Sun and the author of the thriller "Dirty White Boys." Originally published in January of 1995.
  8. Stephen Hunter Full Interview Transcript  • 
    Full interview transcript with author and film critic Stephen Hunter for his novel "Dirty White Boys," conducted on December 20, 1994.
  9. Tim O’Brien Full Interview Transcript  • 
    The full transcript of my interview with author Tim O'Brien in October 1994 to promote his novel "In the Lake of the Woods."
  10. Nicholson Baker Inteview: Master or Masturbator?  • 
    Nicholson Baker has reason to be wary. His fifth book, "The Fermata," has just been published to a whirlwind of controversy. Reviews, on the whole, have not been positive (a first for Baker), and readers of all gender, race, and creed have declared "The Fermata" a dangerous novel, an untouchable.

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