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  1. On Self-Promotion  • 
    I'm seeing a lot of people picking on Cory Doctorow for being a self-promotional whore, and it's irritating the piss out of me. These complainers need to understand that the twentieth century paradigm of advertising and promotion where the content sits on one side of the page, and the advertisements sit on the other side of the page, and there's a nice clear line separating the two, is dead.
  2. Balticon 42 Wrapup  • 
    Chaos and science fiction conventions go together like rum and Coke. Which makes Balticon 42 about 180 proof. But hey, just because Balticon was chaotic and organizationally challenged in places doesn't mean it wasn't fun.
  3. Balticon 42 Schedule  • 
    Yes, this weekend I'll be at Balticon 42, Baltimore's premier science fiction convention. I'll be on panels and giving a reading from "MultiReal." Read the article for my schedule, along with the descriptions from the pocket schedule.
  4. How to Help Promote Your Favorite Author  • 
    We often latch on to the authors we love. We realize this is a tough business, and we don’t want them to starve. We want them fat and happy, sitting on cushions stuffed with hundred dollar bills. But what’s the best way to help them? People who aren’t in the writing and publishing business often […]
  5. The Plot to Understand Second Life  • 
    Last night I had the privilege of attending a reading and interview of renowned science fiction author Paul Levinson in support of his book "The Plot to Save Socrates" on Second Life. And after attending Paul's Second Life event, I can now officially say I don't get it.
  6. A Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion  • 
    Update 11/18/09: Thanks to Mainer 122’s comment below, I’ve just become aware of a blog post by Stanek containing what appears to be the original of the photo below. Looks like it might be authentic after all — or at least a Photoshopped version of an authentic photo of Stanek with Brian Jacques. In which […]
  7. Penguicon 5.0 Wrapup  • 
    Here's Penguicon 5.0 in a nutshell, from my perspective: one part serious business, two parts goofy SFnal fun.
  8. Winners of the Jewish Marxist Werewolves in Bolivia Giveaway  • 
    I received several great entries for my Jewish Marxist Werewolves in Bolivia contest to win a signed copy of "Infoquake." Here are the winners.
  9. Why Did You Buy That Book?  • 
    I'm going to try a little experiment here. I want to hear from science fiction and fantasy readers and consumers. Pick three recent SF/F titles that you've purchased, and add a comment telling the world how you heard about them, and what inspired you to buy them.
  10. Quake Up Your Book Group  • 
    If your book group wants to read and discuss "Infoquake," just e-mail me and I'll join the discussion by phone. If the members of your book group have purchased five or more copies of "Infoquake," then I'll throw in a signed sixth copy for free to the member of your choice.

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