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  1. “Geosynchron” Is Here. Officially.  • 
    "Geosynchron" is here, at long last. Here are the latest reviews, news, links on where to buy, interviews and information about how you can win a signed copy of each book in the trilogy on Goodreads.
  2. Library Journal: “Geosynchron” “Takes Cyberpunk to the Next Level”  • 
    Library Journal has given "Geosynchron" a fabulous review in their January 15 issue, saying that the book "tak[es] cyberpunk to the next level" and stating that it's "highly recommended."
  3. Publishers Weekly: “Geosynchron” Is “Gritty”, “Accessible and Satisfying”  • 
    Publishers Weekly leads off its science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews this morning with the first published review of "Geosynchron." Overall, it's a very nice review indeed.
  4. What Do Authors Want from Reviewers?  • 
    What do authors want from reviews of their work anyway? I can't speak for anybody other than myself on this one, but what I want is very simple.
  5. Critical Mass, Sensational “MultiReal” Review  • 
    Dom D'Ammassa, science fiction reviewer par excellence, has given "MultiReal" an excellent review over at the Critical Mass website.
  6. More Newfound Reviews  • 
    After seeing the rush of new reviews for "Infoquake," I decided to do a round of vanity Googling and found several more that I had been unaware of.
  7. “Infoquake” Reviewed on Fast Forward  • 
    No, really, seriously. I plan to post more substantial blog posts soon. And have a new redesign. I swear. But in the meantime… Fast Forward, the local cable TV show devoted to science fiction based in the Washington, DC area, has given Infoquake a glowing review. The review by Colleen Cahill is not posted on […]
  8. Grasping for the Wind Praises “Infoquake”  • 
    I’m putting the finishing touches on my website redesigns, and I’ve been enjoying the scenery in Sedona, Arizona, which is why I haven’t been posting much here lately. But here’s one nice quick bit of news… the Grasping for the Wind Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews blog has posted a rave review for Infoquake: David […]
  9. Wikipedia Page and Guardian Review  • 
    Two nice pieces of recognition to go along with my Campbell nomination… From the old media side of things, the renowned U.K. newspaper The Guardian reviewed The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2, and gave a nice little shout out to my story “Mathralon.” It’s a capsule review, but I’m told it was […]
  10. William Gibson’s “Spook Country”  • 
    William Gibson has said many times in interviews that he knew very little about computers when he wrote his groundbreaking, genre-spawning novel Neuromancer. And yet somehow, all the way back in 1984 he managed to not only anticipate things like Internet culture and wetware, but to understand them better than many of us do even […]

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