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  1. Brief SCI FI Wire Interview  • 
    My pal John Joseph Adams, who seems to have become the charter member of the Edit a New Anthology With Great Authors Every Month Club, has posted a brief interview with me on SCI FI Wire discussing "MultiReal."
  2. The Jump 225 Jumbo Mega-Bonanza Summer Giveaway, Week 2  • 
    Here's the winner of last week's Jump 225 Jumbo Mega Bonanza Giveaway contest -- and another opportunity for you to win the complete David Louis Edelman Canon.
  3. On John Scalzi’s Blog: The Big Idea  • 
    I have a "Big Idea" piece up on John Scalzi's Whatever blog, talking about Adolf Hitler and the inspiration for my novels "Infoquake" and "MultiReal."
  4. Locus and Fantasy Book Critic Raves for “MultiReal”  • 
    Locus and Fantasy Book Critic have both weighed in on "MultiReal," and they're both more or less rave reviews. Ergo, I am pleased.
  5. The Jump 225 Jumbo Mega-Bonanza Summer Giveaway  • 
    Every week for the next four weeks, I'm going to hold a contest here on my blog. And the winner of each contest will receive copies of "Infoquake," "MultiReal," "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Two," and Mervyn Peake's "Titus Alone." Read the full article for details.
  6. Grasping for the Wind: “MultiReal” the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Jump 225 Trilogy  • 
    Two new reviews for "MultiReal" have hit the web. The Grasping for the Wind blog compares the book to "The Empire Strikes Back," saying it's better than its predecessor; SFCrowsnest, meanwhile, criticizes the book for plot confusion and trying to stuff too much information between two covers.
  7. Jara Learns to Love Her Inner Demon  • 
    This afternoon, I discovered that Jara, the co-protagonist of "Infoquake" and "MultiReal," has landed an interview with a former succubus on novelist Jackie Kessler's website.
  8. Harriet Klausner Speeds Through Praise for “MultiReal”  • 
    Harriet Klausner, the #1 customer reviewer on Amazon, has given her stamp of approval to "MultiReal." (Of course, if you know anything about Harriet Klausner, you'll take her word with a "2001" monolith-sized chunk of salt.)
  9. It’s Not Real… It’s “MultiReal”  • 
    A copy of my latest novel "MultiReal" is literally sitting in my lap as I type this, having arrived from the publisher today. Here are some of my thoughts and first impressions.
  10. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist “MultiReal” Giveaway  • 
    Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, the fine SF review website that brought you the recent "Infoquake" giveaway -- not to mention the fine SF review website that recently called said book "one of the very best science fiction debuts I have ever read" -- is now giving away three copies of "MultiReal."

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