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  1. Adventures in Sci-Fi Interviewing  • 
    Two new bits of book promotion: a 30-minute audio interview with me by Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, and my answers to reader questions on "Stargate" writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi's blog.
  2. “MultiReal” Miscellany  • 
    Life moves fast, and this "MultiReal" promotion stuff is zipping by like an F-16. Here's a passel of news about book stuff, which I'm just going to lump here behind bullet points for lack of any better idea.
  3. Interview on Jon Armstrong’s “If You’re Just Joining Us” Podcast  • 
    Jon Armstrong, author of the Philip K. Dick Award-nominated "Grey" and fellow nominee for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, has interviewed me on his "If You're Just Joining Us" podcast.
  4. New “Infoquake” and “MultiReal” Audio Podcasts  • 
    After much distraction and delay, tonight I have finally posted the complete chapters 1 through 7 of "Infoquake" in audio read by the author. Chapter 1 of "MultiReal" has been posted as well.