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Posts Tagged 'Politics'

  1. Anthony Williams for President  • 
    It’s unlike me to settle on a candidate for President so early in the primary season, but I’ve made my choice. It’s this guy. Those of you outside the Washington, DC area may not know who Anthony Williams is, and you might be confused by the fact that he doesn’t appear on the ballot in […]
  2. The Bourne Paranoia  • 
    Here are a few things that every American knows. The world is a vile and dangerous place. America is blindly and irrationally hated by just about everybody outside of our borders. If we left our security up to the peaceniks, bureaucrats, and Boy Scouts we elect to national office, the United States would be a […]
  3. Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet, It’s Gay Hunting Season  • 
    Am I really going to have to be the one to say I just don't care that much that Senator Larry Craig (supposedly) solicited gay bathroom sex in a Minneapolis airport? Am I going to have to be the one who says this is getting blown way out of proportion (pun unintended but inevitable)?
  4. Politicians and Personal Lives  • 
    I really get hopping mad at revelations like Larry Flynt's revelations about Senator David Vitter's dalliances with prostitutes. Why? Because I firmly believe that it's none of our fucking business what our politicians do with their personal lives.
  5. How to Get Information to Flow Backward  • 
    As Johnny Depp's comments about America and subsequent apology demonstrate, information only flows one way. It goes forward, not backward. And now the problem is ingrained in the very structure of the web, our greatest informational tool.
  6. Stay Out of Our Public Figures’ Personal Lives  • 
    Rush Limbaugh was detained at an airport for carrying a bottle of Viagra with a falsified prescription on it, and the blogosphere is going berserk. I’m irritated as hell that anybody gives a flying fuck. Not because I have a special love or reverence for Rush Limbaugh, but because… Well, here’s what I posted on […]