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  1. It’s Not Real… It’s “MultiReal”  • 
    A copy of my latest novel "MultiReal" is literally sitting in my lap as I type this, having arrived from the publisher today. Here are some of my thoughts and first impressions.
  2. On Self-Promotion  • 
    I'm seeing a lot of people picking on Cory Doctorow for being a self-promotional whore, and it's irritating the piss out of me. These complainers need to understand that the twentieth century paradigm of advertising and promotion where the content sits on one side of the page, and the advertisements sit on the other side of the page, and there's a nice clear line separating the two, is dead.
  3. Final Front and Back Cover for “MultiReal”  • 
    I've been told that "MultiReal" has finally gone to the printers. I've got a PDF of the whole thing, and man, does it look stunning. Read the article to see the final front and back cover and download the PDF of the cover.
  4. Do the Blurbs Sell the Book?  • 
    Do author blurbs, advance praise, and review snippets on a book's cover or first page actually sell more books? And if so, how and why?
  5. The “Infoquake” Mass Market Has Arrived  • 
    I am extraordinarily proud to give you the first look at the mass market version of "Infoquake," the first copy of which arrived in my mailbox yesterday. For the inordinately curious, you can also see the spreadsheet of the 155 changes I made to the text from the trade paperback edition.
  6. Will the Novel Die?  • 
    I can’t find any current piece of journalism to use as a springboard for asking whether the novel will die. But considering that the question gets asked every 14 seconds somewhere on the blogosphere, I’m not going to worry. Just follow the trail of rent garments and gnashed teeth and you’ll find someone blathering about […]
  7. On SF Signal: Are SF Series a Barrier to New Readers?  • 
    Today on SF Signal, I’ve got a mini-essay on their “Mind Meld” series. The question: are science fiction and fantasy series a hindrance to new readers? Do they leave the casual bookstore browser high and dry because inevitably not all of the books in a series will be available? Quick excerpt from my response: From […]
  8. How to Help Promote Your Favorite Author  • 
    We often latch on to the authors we love. We realize this is a tough business, and we don’t want them to starve. We want them fat and happy, sitting on cushions stuffed with hundred dollar bills. But what’s the best way to help them? People who aren’t in the writing and publishing business often […]
  9. Mini-Essay on the Internet and Publishing on SF Signal  • 
    I’ve got a mini-essay (three paragraphs) up today in the new “Mind Meld” feature of SF Signal. The question was about how the Internet has impacted publishing and the author’s ability to sell more books. Quick excerpt: But even more important, the Internet has allowed me to keep in touch with readers during the (too […]
  10. An Inside Look at the Copy Editing Process  • 
    If you're at all interested in the copy editing process that a novel goes through before it sees print, you might find this interesting. Here's a conversation I just had this morning with my copy editor, Deanna Hoak, about a sentence in my upcoming book "MultiReal."

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