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  1. The New Cover for “Infoquake”  • 
    As I mentioned the other day when I unveiled the final cover for "MultiReal," the great Stephan Martiniere is also doing the cover for Solaris' mass market paperback release of "Infoquake." Well, wait no longer. Here's the final version of the new cover.
  2. The Final Cover for “MultiReal”  • 
    I mentioned that Pyr was moving in a new direction for the "MultiReal" cover art. Well, feast your eyes on the final cover of "MultiReal," hitting bookshelves early summer 2008.
  3. “Infoquake”: It’s Back  • 
    I'm still reeling from this news, which I just heard about literally 20 minutes ago... but it appears that Solaris Books has just inked a deal with Pyr to release a mass-market paperback edition of "Infoquake."
  4. “Infoquake”: The Bad Reviews  • 
    I’ve noticed a few other authors posting links to bad reviews of their novels on their websites. By bad reviews, I don’t mean poorly written or incomprehensible reviews — I mean reviews that tear your book a new asshole. I mean reviews that compare your book unfavorably to various types of animal dung. There’s one […]
  5. How Did You Get Your Novel Published? (Part 2)  • 
    I've gotten a few requests to finish the story of how my first novel "Infoquake" got published, so I'm going to go ahead and finish that tale now.
  6. The Infoquake Has Arrived  • 
    Today is a banner day for the Edelman household. My author copies of Infoquake have arrived. You can see a stack of them below on my dining room table, along with a picture of me holding a copy of the book. (That chair, by the way, is where I do most of my writing and […]
  7. “Infoquake” Publishers Weekly Review, Podcasts and More  • 
    It's been a big month for my novel "Infoquake." The Publishers Weekly review is out, plus new podcasts, plus advance praise from Kate Elliott and Tobias Buckell.
  8. How Did You Get Your Novel Published? (Part 1)  • 
    Ever since I signed my book contract with Pyr in January of 2005, I've been getting the same question from friends and acquaintances: "How did you get your novel published?" (The unspoken corollary to this question is, of course, "How can I get my novel published too?") Here's the basic story of how "Infoquake" found its way into print.

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