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  1. Library Journal: “Geosynchron” “Takes Cyberpunk to the Next Level”  • 
    Library Journal has given "Geosynchron" a fabulous review in their January 15 issue, saying that the book "tak[es] cyberpunk to the next level" and stating that it's "highly recommended."
  2. “MultiReal” Miscellany  • 
    Life moves fast, and this "MultiReal" promotion stuff is zipping by like an F-16. Here's a passel of news about book stuff, which I'm just going to lump here behind bullet points for lack of any better idea.
  3. SciFi.com Compares “MultiReal” to Herbert, Spinrad, Bester, Egan, Etc…  • 
    Yesterday Paul Di Filippo posted a review for my new novel "MultiReal" for SciFi.com. And not only did Mr. Di Filippo give the book a grade of a solid "A," but he name-checked half of the greats of science fiction in the process.
  4. “Infoquake” on LibraryThing Early Reviewers List  • 
    LibraryThing has a program called LibraryThing Early Reviewers, wherein certain publishers make review copies of their books available to LibraryThing members. All you have to do is sign up for LibraryThing, go to the Early Reviewers Request List, and click the big "Request It!" button next to "Infoquake." If you're selected, you get a copy of the book, which you are then theoretically supposed to read and review on the site.
  5. Locus and Fantasy Book Critic Raves for “MultiReal”  • 
    Locus and Fantasy Book Critic have both weighed in on "MultiReal," and they're both more or less rave reviews. Ergo, I am pleased.
  6. Grasping for the Wind: “MultiReal” the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Jump 225 Trilogy  • 
    Two new reviews for "MultiReal" have hit the web. The Grasping for the Wind blog compares the book to "The Empire Strikes Back," saying it's better than its predecessor; SFCrowsnest, meanwhile, criticizes the book for plot confusion and trying to stuff too much information between two covers.
  7. Harriet Klausner Speeds Through Praise for “MultiReal”  • 
    Harriet Klausner, the #1 customer reviewer on Amazon, has given her stamp of approval to "MultiReal." (Of course, if you know anything about Harriet Klausner, you'll take her word with a "2001" monolith-sized chunk of salt.)
  8. Publishers Weekly Praises “MultiReal”  • 
    The first outside review of "MultiReal" is in, from Publishers Weekly. Overall, it's an excellent review, with PW saying "MultiReal itself is firmly established as one of the most fascinating singularity technologies in years."
  9. Pat on “Infoquake”: “One of the Very Best SF Debuts I Have Ever Read”  • 
    Pat of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist (and of the aforeblogged giveaway contest) has given my novel "Infoquake" the kind of rave review that every author wants to get, calling it "one of the very best science fiction debuts I have ever read."
  10. “Solaris Book of New SF” Reviewed on SF Signal  • 
    SF Signal today has posted a review of George Mann's anthology "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Two," which you'll recall contains my story "Mathralon," which you'll recall is available online.

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