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Posts Tagged 'Technology'

  1. Ray Kurzweil on Multi Technology  • 
    Futurist Ray Kurzweil has suggested in an interview that we will be using a virtual reality network almost exactly like the one I proposed in "Infoquake" as soon as the late 2020s.
  2. Ten Things Computers Should All Do Flawlessly, But Generally Don’t  • 
    Sometimes I wonder if the computing industry -- all of it, from software to hardware to web services -- really has the right priorities in mind. So here's my list of the things that I hope to hell are working flawlessly in computing technology by 2018.
  3. State of Technological Dissatisfaction  • 
    The human condition is this: we're restless and dissatisfied, and that drives our constant technological innovation. Which explains why I'm so irritated I can't sync my Firefox profiles between computers without hassle.
  4. Broken Technology  • 
    Why is so much technology so goddamn fragile? Most software can't repair itself -- and even when it can do rudimentary repair work, like replacing accidentally deleted files or Windows Registry entries, it's not smart enough to know when it needs repairing.
  5. Keeping Up with the Kludges  • 
    The world is shrinking. Products and laws and programs that were once created with tens of thousands of relatively homogeneous white people in Middle America are now being exported all around the world. How are we going to be able to keep up with all the kludges necessary to make things work?
  6. The Jukebox in the Sky  • 
    Is music distribution going to follow the RealNetworks Rhapsody model and become a "jukebox in the sky"? Or are people going to continue buying tracks to store on their own systems?
  7. Why Is Gmail So Irritating?  • 
    Gmail should be a slam-dunk for Google. So why is it so irritating?
  8. Why Does MySpace Suck So Badly?  • 
    In an effort to spread the word about my book "Infoquake," I've been experimenting with MySpace. MySpace is an abomination. Nothing works. The things that do work are poorly designed and shoddily implemented.
  9. Limits on Speed, Limits on Freedom  • 
    Technology isn't always about giving us more freedom to do things we couldn't do before. Sometimes technology can help precisely by taking away our freedoms. Small, inconvenient, and irritating freedoms. For instance: speed limits.
  10. The Web Is Imperfect  • 
    The Web is making slow progress in separating content from presentation.