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Posts Tagged 'Web 2.0'

  1. Shelfari: LibraryThing with a New Coat of Paint?  • 
    LibraryThing seems to have a new competitor. Or, at least, I’ve just become aware of them. I’ve made no secret about the fact that I’m a big fan of LibraryThing. I’ve spent hours and hours tweaking my LibraryThing profile, adding books to my catalog, and just browsing around other people’s shelves. I’ve spoken with Tim […]
  2. The End of MySpace  • 
    MySpace has made the classic gamble that short-term gain will trump long-term stability. And like so many Web 1.0 companies that came before them, MySpace is headed for a big, clumsy fall.
  3. coComment Does Web 2.0 Right  • 
    Despite last week's rant about too much web 2.0 hype, I've made one discovery recently that's made my life a lot easier. It's called coComment. coComment keeps track of all the comments you make on blogs throughout the web so you don't have to go Googling for them yourself.
  4. Meta-ing Ourselves to Death  • 
    I'm starting to get that dot-com bubble burst feeling again. There are too many meta information tools out there with shaky revenue streams.
  5. Why Does MySpace Suck So Badly?  • 
    In an effort to spread the word about my book "Infoquake," I've been experimenting with MySpace. MySpace is an abomination. Nothing works. The things that do work are poorly designed and shoddily implemented.
  6. Book-Geekity Fun with LibraryThing  • 
    I love snooping at other people’s libraries. Whenever I’m at someone’s house, you’ll usually find me with my head tilted to one side reading book jacket spines within the first ten minutes of walking in the door. I’ve been known to walk through IKEA paying much more attention to the books on the shelves than […]
  7. The Joy of Strict XHTML  • 
    I've recently discovered something else the Mozilla Firefox browser can do that Microsoft's Internet Explorer can't: Firefox can accept documents using the "application/xhtml+xml" header. This just might change the world.